New camera accommodations + additional leaderboard option

Based on several participant requests, we have enabled the use of multiple RGB cameras, during model evaluation phases. As a result, we have added a new leaderboard option, to reflect submissions that use either a single RGB camera (“Single Camera”) or more that one RGB cameras (“Multi Camera”).

To show up one leaderboard or the other, you need to update your configuration file with the appropriate number of cameras in active_sensors. Only CameraFrontRGB, CameraLeftRGB, CameraRightRGB are permitted, and the use of any other cameras will cause the submission to fail.

Please pull the latest code and if you have made considerations for more than one camera for your evaluation please go ahead and make a submission with the mentioned config file changes. Teams that place at the top of both leaderboards will be judged in final scoring, based on the higher of the two relative rankings; and teams remain eligible to only win prizes according to the better of the two leaderboard relative rankings.