My submission failed, how do I debug?

Hi, I have been trying to tweak the code and submit via git. However I have been getting only “Citylearn Warmup: Inference failed” as a result. I tried to dig into the debug-logs but I didn’t find anything useful in it. How do I know what went wrong in my code? Any help would be appreciated!

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@dipam please, can you help out with this?

I get these error messages now:
Citylearn Public: Inference failed
Citylearn Private: Inference failed

However I still don’t know what’s wrong with my submission code, is it running overtime and failed? When I tried it on local_evaluation it didn’t pass 7 minutes (which is under the required 30 min). Would love to know how to learn more about my failed attempts, thanks!

Hello, could you find a solution for this? I have the same issue. The first two submission stages work but the Inference fails in Citylearn Public & Private. The local evaluation works without problems.