My fault in data generation

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@alxmamaev we have received other requests to extend the challenge as well, if we were to extend the challenge would that help you finalize your solution?

If we telling about ~1mo, I think yes.
Do u will provide more training data, for example for finetuning solution?
Also I found some errors in homohraphy of training data

@alxmamaev about 1 month, I can take up with the other stakeholders. Unfortunately there will not be additional training data for this round, does that restrict you from continuing?



No, additional data is not required. Okay, if u increase the time, I will continue working on my pipe.

@alxmamaev thank you, I should know by tomorrow about the extension.

@alxmamaev we have decided to extend until Feb 15th, Cheers, Jay

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Hi, did you have email? I wanna to tell about competition privately.

@alxmamaev :slight_smile: