Model error many times


I git new code from
I submitted model and get error:
The following containers terminated prematurely. : agent
Please contact administrators, or refer to the execution logs.

I tagged ai bot but there are no logs for me

@namvi: I pasted the logs on the issue. But the problem there is you do not have torch included as a dependency in your environment.yml

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Hi, @mohanty could you please check the fail issue in, I had included the environment.yml for PyTorch, but it fails after the training finished. Thanks.

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I have got the same error. I didn’t use Pytorch in the training, so would it still require PyTorch as a dependency? Anyway I included PyTorch in my latest submission. However, the submission has been in queue for over a day. I’m not sure how common the issue is, but I do notice almost all recent submissions turn out to be failure.