Mismatch of Report Submission time; openreview closed before scheduled!

The deadline for the submission of the report is set to “August 16th, 2019, 11:59pm AoE: Submission deadline for reports, Stage 1” in here: https://www.aicrowd.com/challenges/neurips-2019-disentanglement-challenge#timeline

There is still 24 hours left for the submission, however, the openreview portal seems to have closed the submissions and I can’t update my stub to the finalized report!


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@mohanty Same problem here, does it has any deley?

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@mohanty , I meet this problem too, it should be delay

FYI, the final deadline was 16 August 23:59 (despite the initial confusion).

I also can’t submit. Which is very troubling 30 minutes prior to deadline

@nasim_rahaman GMT or AoE?

GMT, I believe (this is what I gather from OpenReview API documentation).

Well I hope they will fix it, since the AoE time was used in the original deadline.