MDX: failed submissions count towards the daily limit

Is it a bug or a feature?

Hello @alina_porechina,

I think you hit the maximum number of submissions/day. If you look at AIcrowd | Music Demixing Track - MDX'23 | Submissions then you can see in the upper right corner how many submissions you have left for this day:

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If unsuccessful attempts were not counted, it would be more easy to debug the code.

I think there are two different counters for successful and unsuccessful submission - but I am not sure.

@dipam Do you distinguish between successful and unsuccessful submissions?

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We have a feature to have a separate counter for unsuccessful submissions. But its generally not enabled for most challenges, we can enable if it needed. Most participants do face some issues initially for setting up the environment and packages, however for code debugging its better to do it locally.

Would you like me to enable the separate counter?

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Thanks for clarification. I think there is no need to change the counter.

For the CDX challenge, I found out that I had 5 chances to submit but I could only submit once a day, not sure for what reason.

AIcrowd Submission Failed This means I have no more submissions.

This is also happening for me, failed submissions are counting towards the limit:

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