Max score for both assignments is 7.0

Hi guys, please be informed that the maximum score for both assignment Taxi and Grid assignment is 7.0.

All the top submissions are 4.0 at the time of this writing but that indicates there is some mistake in one of your algorithm implementations.

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The score functions in the colab notebook gives 1 score for the submission which has a score of 4 here. So is there something different happening here?

Hi @jayesh_kumar

The score in the colab is normalized to 1, if you get a score of 1 in the colab ideally you should get 7 on the leaderboard if all your algorithms worked correctly on the private test cases.

It seems the colab file was updated by AI crowd (some folder change). But now I am not able to submit my answers. I think this issue has come up with everyone else also after 20th. Please look into it

Hi @jayesh_kumar

Not sure I understand the bug, can you post a screenshot of the error or elaborate a bit more.

Hi @jayesh_kumar

Looks like the date change wasn’t properly done hence the issue came, please try now.

It still has an issue “Error in notifying rails about the uploaded file”

Hi @dipam_chakraborty,

Can you please clear this issue or help me with this.

Thank you.