Making my "music-demixing-challenge-starter-kit" submission repo public

So I already made my network public in a separate, cleaner GitHub repository.

However, I also want to make public the music-demixing-challenge-starter-kit repo, where I made 30 submissions to AICrowd, with the tags and Git-LFS storage for each of my submissions, etc.:

Is there any issue with my open-sourcing my starter kit repo? I think the only special AICrowd-GitLab-specific-file info is in the aicrowd.json file, but there is no API key or secret token or anything:

sevagh:music-demixing-challenge-starter-kit $ cat aicrowd.json
  "challenge_id": "evaluations-api-music-demixing",
  "grader_id": "evaluations-api-music-demixing",
  "authors": [
  "description": "Modified Open-Unmix Separation model",
  "external_dataset_used": false

Hi @sevagh,

Yes, you can make your repository public post challenge, and it is actually encouraged to do so! :raised_hands:

You can go to your repository settings and choose project visibility as Public.


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