Low on Hardware? Get Your AWS Coupon Now!

Deterred by lack of hardware? Here comes the credits!

All you have to do is following steps below for $250-1000 in @awscloud sponsored credits:

  • Download and run the existing baseline.
  • Make one reasonable tweak to the scripted portion of the policy.
  • Message @jsuarez5341 on NMMO Discord Support Channel for $250 AWS credits and describe what tweak you made and whether it improved performance.

:exclamation:Do not ask for credits if you already have hardware (e.g. are in a well funded lab or have access to an industry cluster). There will be repercussions, and depending on severity of misrepresentation, you may be disqualified. Small labs with limited resources can still get credits.

Up to $1000 AWS is available per team if you use the initial $250 to significantly improve performance. Do not hesitate to get your free resources! :raised_hands: