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  • A short introduction about you and your background.
  • What brings you to this challenge?
  • Some ideas you wish to explore as a part of this challenge?

Team Mosquito Alert 2023

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Hi, I’m Shota, in Japan.
I’m not familiar with Computer Vision very much, but very interested in such technologies.
I want to improve my skills in image classification and recognition. So, I think this competition is very suitable for my goal.
I intend to try DeepLearning models such as CNN or VisionTransformer.
Also, I will explore if I can make recognition by machine learning techniques such as lightGBM or RandomForest.
If anyone who can join this competition with me, I will be very grad.
Thank you .

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I am Niu Jun and come from China. I am very interesting in Computer vision, ML, AI as well. but now I am not very good at computer vision. Now I am working on Medical system development, and familiar with Python, Numpy, Pandas as well. I wish we have chance to learn each other and make progress with the challenge.

Thanks and Regards
Niu Jun

Looking for a team here, I have worked with microscopic images using openCV and performed tasks life nuclei segmentation, I am a really driven individual who wants to win. Let’s team up

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Hi, my name is Maria.

I’m a Program Manager for Data integration projects. I have little experience with AI specifically, but I have transferable skills.

I’m experienced in planning, project plans, keeping track of tasks and objectives, keeps an eye on the timeline, make sure we have the resources we need…. I can pretty much help organizing and managing the project and the people working on it.

I’m certified PMP and scrum master.

I’m interested in helping develop an affordable and accessible solution for mosquito identification. Living in south Florida, I can understand how important this is. Mosquitoes can take people’s lives, or make them very sick, I want help preventing this.

Hello Maria,
Are you looking for team mate?

Hello, my name is Bakhytzhan.
I am a project manager. I have no experience in machine learning, but I have general knowledge.
I have a skill in planning, scheduling business projects, keeping track of issues as well as goals, following the schedule, making sure we have the necessary resources. I can provide significant support in the organization as well as the management of the project, as well as the people working on it.
We are interested in this to help create a cheap as well as easily accessible solution for the purpose of identifying mosquitoes. I realize how important this is. Mosquitoes have every chance of killing people or causing serious illness in them.

hello, i am d.s engineer i have wide experience in this field like machine learning , deep learning , OpenCv and i am looking for a team to join the projects