Looking for team member?

Hi everyone,

There are many participants who are looking or would be willing to team up for NeurIPS 2020: Flatland Competition. This thread is to facilitate the same.

Please post your introduction and skills you may be able to help or need help, etc, so other participants can connect accordingly!

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
– Helen Keller

Feel free to spam the thread. :wink:
Hoping for amazing teams build up from scratch, and hopefully winning the competition!!


Hi everyone,

I posted 2w ago about joining/creating a team, feel free to shoot me an email! :grinning:

Question (cc @shivam): how do we officialize/create a team? By doing one submission together as a team before the end of the warm-up round? Can we change teams after the end of the warm-up round? I have already done one submission solo, can I still do one submission as a team?


Hey @mtrazzi,

Sorry I missed replying here.

Yes, you are free to create team even after warm-up round.

Your (and your teammates) submissions would be clubbed as team submissions as soon as you are part of any team.

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