Local evaluation was successful, but submission FAILED

Dear, hosters!
I have one question.
I have submitted after local_evaluation was successful, but the submission failed.
Submission information is following.
submission id: #249018
submission hash: 9589f09230f521d133d20948e97c5e7b734444bb
Status in which error occurred: Conv Ai Validation
Status message before error: ImagePullBackOff: Back-off pulling image “aicrowd/submission:249018”
Error message: ErrimagePull: pc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to register layer: Error processing tar file (exit status 1): unexpected EOF
Would you review this problem, please?

Thank you

Did anyone solve this problem?

I solved this problem by submitting the previous version which was successful. I didn’t find out the reason why error occurred.

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To anyone still struggling with this issue, please try and sharding your model into smaller pieces! That seems to have solved the problem for me!