Loading pre-create env


Hi everybody,

I would like to ask you if you could clarify how to correctly use the ‘rail_from_file’ function from ‘rail_generators’ module.

I have had no problems using this function in previous version, but in the new version I am having difficulties to get it working properly. Either it does load the environment and the trains are placed randomly (probably caused by the missing schedule_generator). When I add the schedule generator I am getting some errors.

Could you please provide more information regarding how to use the function properly in the new version? It would be very helpful.

I attach a picture describing how I was using the function previously and it has worked correctly (rf is the rail from file function). However, I am struggling to get a grasp of it now, after the new release. I can tell that the number of agents now affects the new number of agents in the loaded environment, which it had previously did not.


Thank you very much.

Kind regards,