Linux Jupyter Notebook Scrolling Super Slow

Anyone else having difficulty with scrolling through Jupyter Notebook on the Linux VM?

I feel like this is a major quality of life issue and wondering if anyone had tips for improving the scroll.

Thanks and appreciate any help you can offer!


Increase your internet speed :slight_smile: Initially I used to scroll in the night, wake up in the morning, and by the time I had breakfast it used to go to the next cell. Now after getting a high speed connection, by the time I finish making and drinking a cup of coffee, it goes to the next cell.


Lol, thanks for the tip. I’m going to try running an ethernet cable to get a direct line. Unfortunately I already drink too much coffee…

I’m wondering if trying a different browser that’s not firefox might be better.


Update here, running a hardwire connection to my modem and things are scrolling much more smoothly!

Thanks for the tip @devnikhilmishra

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told you, it always works with a cup of coffee :slight_smile: