LifeCLEF Geo Dataset Release?

Hi all,

I visit the Resources tab of LifeCLEF 2020 Geo task, but so far haven’t seen any link to download the dataset.

Does anyone know when it will be released or where to find and download it?


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Hi Kim, all,

the data should be ready early newt week. Sorry for the delay. Please note that the dataset will be quite large (around 1Tb).

Best regards,

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We are still behind schedule due to technical problems (calculation servers down, difficulty transferring data, etc.). The data is now ready and will be shared in the coming days.

Hi Alexis,
Has the dataset been released yet? I haven’t seen the download link yet.

Thank you,


Our team just registered to GLC 2020. Apparently the training and testing data has not been released yet. Could you tell us if the challenge still holds? If so, I guess the schedule provided on the Lifeclef webpage needs an update.

Thank you,

Hi all,

Resources are now accessible on the ‘Resources’ tab. The detailed protocol note on data and task preparation will be uploaded soon.

Sorry for the delay !