🎁 Learning to smell and Seismic Facies challenges for AI Blitz#4⚡

Dear participants,

Our aim with AI Blitz⚡ has always been to get more and more people initiated into AI with easy-to-start puzzles from multiple domains. Many participants of AI Blitz go on to participate in more research challenges on AIcrowd and contribute to the community.

With this AI Blitz⚡, we want to try to bridge the gap between the educational and research challenges and bring some of our research challenges to AI Blitz participants.

Our focus in this AI Blitz will be on two super interesting research challenges on AIcrowd: Learning to smell challenge and Seismic Facies Identification challenge. Both of these challenges solve real-world problems. They have very vibrant communities and there are some really good getting started notebooks made available by the respective communities.

So as an experiment, we are bundling both of these challenges as a part of AI Blitz⚡#4 and we are very excited to see how the AI Blitz community tackles them!

Participate Now!

For participation, by agreeing to the AI Blitz rules you also agree to both the challenges’ rules and in case of any conflict, the individual challenge’s rules supersede AI Blitz⚡ rules.

What this means for the leaderboard
If you participate in AI Blitz, you also become a participant of the original challenges (learning to smell and seismic facies). You can access the AI Blitz specific leaderboard to see how you are competing with AI Blitz participants and you can also access the main challenge leaderboard that will have ALL the participants of that challenge beyond Blitz.

What if you are already a participant in either of Learning to Smell or Seismic Facies
Nothing changes for you. If you would like to try your hand at AI Blitz and solve other puzzles in Blitz, you can easily participate.

What this means for prizes
If you are an AI Blitz participant, based on your leaderboard rank, you are eligible for the AI Blitz $500 prize pool. Top rank on Blitz leaderboard does not necessarily mean top rank on main Learning to smell or Seismic Facies leaderboards(separate from Blitz). These challenges have individual prizes and although you are eligible for those by participating in AI Blitz, you win them only when you are on top of their respective leaderboards.

Winning rules for AI Blitz
AI Blitz winning rules also mandate that you open source all your 5 solutions from the challenge, which includes your solutions for Learning to smell and Seismic Facies. Failing which, you may be ineligible for the cash prize.

Please let us know if you have doubts!