Leaderboard not updated

I submitted new submissions but the leaderboard still shows my old score (not the same as I see for my submission 21 (#25650). How long does it take for the leaderboard to update? I waited 2 hrs now.

Hi @lcb,

The leaderboard get update real-time as soon as your submission is failed/successful, and contain your best score. The leaderboard is currently up to date as well.

Your submission #25650 has log loss 1000.0 and f1 score 0.0. This score is lower than your submission #24558 which has log loss 0.973 and f1 score 0.380. Due to which leaderboard didn’t change after your submission.

Let us know in case you have any further doubt on this.

Dear @shivam

The thing is in my issue view I see
State : Evaluation Complete :beers: :tada:
Progress : 100.00%
Log Loss : 0.27875
F1 Score : 0.49495

And not log loss of 1000. This confuses me a bit.

Hi @lcb,

I am sorry for the confusion. I see your submission ran in debug mode, under which we provide lowest score on the leaderboard.

Debug Mode FAQ

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Oh, I see. Many thanks for resolving that quickly!

@kelleni2 @shivam

Can you please let me know if my submissions

  1. submission-15,
  2. submission-16,
  3. submission-17,
  4. submission-18

are successful? Let me know if there are any errors on why the “issues” are not created on this with ‘evaluation successful’ and ‘image_built_successfuly’. But I can see all these submissions in ‘tags’ link.

Please let me know. if this is not successful - it shoudl show submission failed in ‘issues section’.

let me know why my leaderboard score is not updated? why it is not showing in ‘issues’.


Hi @shravankoninti,

Can you share the AIcrowd submission ID (something like #2XXXX) or link to Gitlab issue? I can look into it and update you.

Meanwhile please try to create new post on forum for unrelated issues.

@shivam I dont know the ID. That is what I am asking from you on why it is not updated in ‘issues’.

the succesful ID I have is [#25958].

After this I created 4 submissions for which their ID is not showing up.

As this post is about “leadboard update”. Hence I updated my query here. BTW what do you mean by unrelated issues. Please let me know

my link for issues.

@shivam please respond!

Hi @shravankoninti,

This is happening because all of above submissions you have shared are having same commit id i.e. 6b832bec. And the evaluation for this commit ID was already done in #25958. The subsequent tags are being considered to be duplicates (cached for sometime, not permanently).

Please make some change in your repository followed by git commit & submission.sh to trigger a new submission. Let us know in case any doubt still exists.