Late submission for stage 1

Hi, I would like to make late submission for stage 1, to evaluate my model. Is it possible to do? I made three submits, the first one showed zero score without explanation, others two displaying as put in queue during 12+ hours.

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@masorx could you please help me with this issue?

Hi @kvr,

We have “post challenge submissions enabled” and round 1 is still the active round (it of course ended officially on 31/7) but it seems that all submissions now go towards round 2, which is not yet active.

@shivam is this working as intended?

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Hi @masorx,

Given that Round 2 was added it assumed submissions need to go to Round 2 instead of post-challenge submissions. I have removed Round 2 for now and we can add while starting it.

@kvr, I have moved all submissions to Round 1 post challenge, you should be able to get feedback on your submissions now on! :smiley:

You can also check post-challenge leaderboard by enabling “Show post-challenge submissions” in filters.


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Hi @shivam and @masorx. Thank you very much for the quick replies and help. Now I see the score and my submissions were graded.