Labels for test datasets

Hello organizers,

Is it possible to release the labels for the test dataset? So that, we can further fine-tune the model and compute the results by ourselves?

Thank you!

the PlantCLEF event is not yet over, we are entering the phase of publishing and presenting the results until the CLEF conference ( which will take place online between September 22-25. Although the task was very difficult, the results showed that it was still possible to achieve honourable performances, even on difficult species with few training field photos. This opens up interesting research perspectives. We hope to be able to reorganize again this challenge again after the CLEF conference, during the next edition of LifeCLEF if accepted, or if not, just as a new round under aicrowd. It’s still a bit early to know, but we prefer not to publish the groundtruth at the moment, to not kill the challenge and leave us several possibilities. Thank you for your understanding

kindly help me i try to download the LifeCLEF2020 training data set from the following web link. but it unable to down load . Lirmm Seafile
LifeCLEF 2020 Plant Identification Challenge | Zenodo

help me to download the dataset same