L2R Docker container

Hello, where is the image stored and how do we get access? I would like to pull the aicrowd/learn-to-race docker container

Step 1/2 : FROM aicrowd/learn-to-race:base
pull access denied for aicrowd/learn-to-race, repository does not exist

Bumping this, I seem to be having the same error.

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Hello @nandan_tumu

Unfortunately, aicrowd/learn-to-race:base is not available publicly and only works when you submit your code to AIcrowd.

The base image is based on ubuntu and has l2r repo along with the simulator. The image is not released publicly as it has the data need for VegasNorthRoad circuit (the private track to be used for next round).

You can specify any packages that need be installed using apt-get in the apt.txt file.

Example: apt.txt · master · Learn to Race / l2r-starter-kit · GitLab

The image has conda pre-installed, so you can also specify any conda commands that you want to run.

Example: Dockerfile · master · Learn to Race / l2r-starter-kit · GitLab

Finally, you can specify the pip packages in the requirements.txt file.

Example: requirements.txt · master · Learn to Race / l2r-starter-kit · GitLab

You can update the Dockerfile in your repo as you seem fit except for the base image part (the first line of the Dockerfile). In case you are facing any issues in setting up the runtime dependencies during the evaluation, please feel to post on the forums or reach out to us.