Issues with Pillow

Our submission uses Pillow, but it seems like the version on evaluation server does not match what we have set in requirements.txt (see e.g. submission #152385). The build log stats that 8.2.0 is installed, but the eval runs throw an exception that suggests an older version is used (e.g. 7.x.x):

AttributeError: 'FreeTypeFont' object has no attribute 'getbbox'

A local build and run of the docker image works as expected. Is there something very sneaky happening or does the evaluation server touch Pillow library in some way?

(PS: the code does not follow the normal submission template, but should not be the reason for this error).

Hi @anssi,

I can confirm that your hunch is correct and the following packages are getting downgraded in your evaluation.

We are using gym==0.18.0 internally which requires Pillow<=7.2.0 right now, causing Pillow to downgrade.

We are fixing it on our side and will share once done. Stay tuned!


Hi @anssi,

The issue is resolved now and your submission #152385 is being re-evaluated.

Fun Fact:

Pillow is removed from gym codebase in the last 24 hours. :joy:

Apparently it wasn’t used anywhere: