Issue with submission

I get the error "pod deleted during operation" on submission #112176. What does this mean? 

Can I have the logs for this submission?

Hi @quark and welcome to the forum!

This error occurs when your model uses too much of the resources available on our servers in your docker container.

I’ve looked through your model and I can see that the trained_model.RData file is quite large (500MB!), is there a way to make this a little smaller?

Thanks @alfarzan for the suggestion. I have now tried to make thte trained_model.RData much smaller and on submission #112530 submitted over 5 hrs ago and its still showing as “Evaluating”.

Dont really expect the model to take that long, unless its stuck at unavailabity of resources. Can you shed some light on submission on what is going on with submission 112530?

Hi @quark

We’re having some selective server load issues that should be resolved within the week. Please continue playing, and bear with us :crossed_fingers:

It should be much faster and will be soon.