Issue with

After a lot of debugging. I believe I’ve figured out the reason my submissions go on forever.
after the prediction file is generated and the following line is encountered in
“predictions_output_path” : predictions_output_path
it gets stuck.
If anyone could help with this I would appreciate it very much.

In particular,

                payload={ #Arbitrary Payload
                    "event_type": "food_recognition_challenge:execution_success",
                    "predictions_output_path" : predictions_output_path

this is the part of the code that doesn’t seem to be working.

Further, one thing I noticed while running ./ was that even if an error occurred, the command didn’t stop.
A suggestion would be to add a check for that, or maybe even a timer, since our submissions are getting delayed.

For now, The local needs you to remove lines relevant to aicrowd_helpers from, as it requires redis.

In the meantime, we will modify the helpers to handle the local evaluation too.

@nikhil_rayaprolu then our code seems to be exiting local eval properly and is giving proper outputs, but when we submit to aicrowd, it doesn’t fail/succeed :confused:

@shivam @mohanty can you look through this?