Is there a simple way to reduce the remote LFS storage?

I am struggling with this. :face_with_spiral_eyes: :sob:

What about this? Does it help?

We followed it last night and received this e-mail immediately. However, the remote LFS storage size is still as large as before. By the way, is our previous submission cloned on the server?

We notice that the total repo size limit is 200GB, is the LFS storage included?

No, We only clone from the submitted branch.

Yes. We support a maximum of 200GB lfs storage. However, if you do have a repo this large, it is more likely your submission will timeout during validation (as it takes very long to download the whole repo).

So we can free the related submitted tags as AIcrowd has cloned them?

If you are sure that you won’t need some submissions, you can free them.

However, do not delete submissions that you find competitive/useful, because we may download your submissions and do evaluations on our side later.

ok, thanks for your reply!