Is there a limit on the total number of submissions when merging teams?

Like Kaggle or other platforms? The total number of submissions of a team is limited by submission_number_per_day * total_days?

Hi @heya5,

This challenge has daily submissions limit of 5 submissions/day/task/team.

While I understand the reason behind submission * total_day condition for team merging on other platforms.
We do not have this check currently for this challenge.

Please note, that, to tackle above issue, we generally have team freeze deadline after which new team members or teams can’t be created. It is on July 1, 2022 for this challenge.


Hi, shivam. I got a " Submission failed : The participant has no submission slots remaining for today." error on my third code submission today. Don’t we have 5 submission times each day?

Hi @good-good-study, yes, it is 5 submissions/task/day.

We have just resetted the submission limit due to issue with code submissions earlier which should solve the wrong counting. Please let us know incase you still face any issues.

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Hi @shivam , I still get a " no submission slots remaining for today" error. Is this because I just created a team?

EDIT: I resubmitted it again. And this time it’s OK.