Is the leaderboard in reverse?

Sorry in advance if this is an obvious “no”, but it seems like last place received an outstanding score on all metrics. The current first place has a 0 in the R-Precision. If R precision is calculated by the total number of songs in the intersection of ground truth tracks and our submitted tracks, divided by the total number of ground truth tracks, then it seems like the closer to 1 the better? They also have 51 for the recommended song clicks metric, but the rules says “if there are no relevant tracks in R, a value of 51 is picked (which is 1 greater than the maximum number of clicks possible).”

Very confused. Can someone let me know if I’m missing something obvious?

EDIT: Saw that it has just been fixed. Thank you!

Hi @O.T

Yes it was indeed in reverse.
This has since been fixed.

Thanks for pointing this out!