Is rescore coming?

Do I understand correctly that the leaderboard in the image correction task is not yet final and will be recalculated soon? If so, about when?

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Hi @toefL ,

The final leaderboards are already public.


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Then there’s probably an error. I’m sure that I should have a ground truth score there since I’ve found a leak which consisted in the fact that the test has the same images as in the train. You can check my submission. Can you show at least a couple of first label images from the test?


Yeah, the test datasets were changed as soon as we realized the leak. You can check the announcement here.

Yeah, but when I’m clicking on the “test dataset” hyperlink from this post, there is still the old dataset. I downloaded it again, when you said that the dataset has been updated, but only now I’m noticing that this is the same dataset.