Is it possible to submit a tensorflow .nn model file? If so how?

Hi, I was going to try to train my model using a third party software that I usually use to build AI that I’m working on (I’m a bit of a newb and haven’t figured out other methods as of now), this training method outputs a .nn model file, would it be possible to submit this? And if so what would be the submission requirements? The training method also uses an image sensor inside the software, and the model file (if I manage to submit it) probably wouldn’t work correctly if it has to use a different input (I might just be paranoid but what inputs would you be testing it on?) Sorry if I’m dumb, as I said I’m a bit of a beginner at this :slight_smile:

Hi @unauthorisedentity,

You can submit your .nn model file, along with helper code needed to run predictions with it.

For the submission process, you can fork the starter kit, modify especially the part where prediction is happening.

And finally, submit as usual repository via submission instructions.

We support custom runtime, Docker images (Dockerfile), and lots more. You can check configurable options here: How to specify runtime environment for your submission

In case your third party software doesn’t support only the prediction/inference phase (say, without license/specific hardware requirement/etc) I worry that the submission wouldn’t be possible.

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