Inference failed without helpful log

every time I submit, I have encountered ‘inference failed’ in sample 7.
In the log, there is no helpful message

submission hash: '7d86c0c2011637639613888e2c70dc95228bff80`

how to handle this?

Possible time overrun on large texts. Experiment with the number, length of texts, models, etc

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thanks for your advice

I ran into a similar problem, reducing the batch size resolved the problem.

Acutally, I set the batch size as 1.
To deal with timeout issue, I used signal.alarm in python.
In round1, it worked and I submitted my code and got the evaluation score.

But, in round1b, it seems that something has changed in round1b. The timeout logic using signal.alarm no longer works, and the debug log isn’t showing properly and it makes difficult for me to identify the issue.

Could you help me @aicrowd_team, please?