Inference failed without any useful message in debug-logs

submit issue link: AIcrowd

And how many times can I submit and try again to solve ‘Inference failed’? Because there is just one week left in Round 1b, and submissions are limited.

hi, I meet the same problem just now. My evaluation was completed 169/333 and then failed, without any error info in the log. Do you solve this problem ?

same here,have u solved this problem? never complete one submit!


I meet this problem again on today. My submission id is 260081

Just the same. submission_hash : f01060605ab46c17f10e20a2a5830b6cb9acda55.

I got a same problem, Issue Link: link

I also have this problem. I have submitted 4 times in a row and failed. I can’t find any useful information in the debug-log. And I noticed that the progress bar position is not always same. So I guess it’s not because the model can’t handle a specific case, but what is the reason?


submission_hash : 6444232149a922f01b797d790395d60680abb55a


submission_hash : 40daad949acaa085aac990df40e8a2c274ef8cbf


submission_hash : ab45a097fe96158a1a06fe0ad69e268f2e1d9557

I guess maybe there are some useful error information in admin logs, but I cannot get the Admin Logs

They were saying about reducing times from 30s. This issue might be related to that. I was failing on “Validation” step without any other information. At my last submission I get some process overview. As I understood from other screenshots shared all have similar average time.