Increasing the Flow of Time in the Simulator

The Unreal engine runs in real-time by default since it’s a game engine. However it’s a bit silly to run RL simulations in real-time. I know it is possible to change the flow of time in Unreal, but I don’t how. My guess is that it’s just a one line change in one of the engine configuration file. Help?

Furthermore, if that’s possible, is there a way to run the engine in headless mode to get even more performance?


Thanks, we’ve reached out to the developers of the simulator.

That said, we do remain excited about seeing approaches that have taken model inference and optimisation latencies into consideration, in the control policy design. These approaches would be particularly viable for simulation-to-real transfer.


Hi max333. We are developing ability to contorl simulation time via the HTTP Remote Control Protocol (
The idea is that the ticks of the simulator can be controlled manually through this protocol. Is it ok?

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I guess so. Thanks. I don’t know anything about the Unreal engine. When you release it make sure to document how we can control the time tick.

I’m not really expecting this feature to be implemented in the next couple of weeks.

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