IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Presentation work in workspaces

Hi all,

Considering that sending data out of the workspaces is not allowed, as requested by organizers, we made a small guide how to make presentations using available resources.

One option is to use pdf capabilities for Jupyter and RStudio within VMs, and exporting that data to a workspace. Another option is to use R Shiny app.

Instructions are in the pdf document (workspace_presentation_guide.pdf) and a starter code for a Shiny app (app.R). These two files are in Files tab on Teams group as well as on /shared_data/ in your VMs.

Please follow instructions in the file.

Extending access to workspaces post Friday Jan 10th is Novartis decision. For extended access please talk to your project team.


We know that deadline for Leaderboard challenge is until Jan 10th.
What about the presentations timelines? Please let us know
@shivam @nrad @kelleni2

Hi Shravan -
I’m sending an update now. In theory we had specified the submitted presentation timeline was also 10th. Please email me if you have concerns about the deadline, open to feedback.