IMPORTANT Announcements

As we approach to the end of the challenge, we would like to get your attention regarding a few IMPORTANT things so we can all get prepared for the workshop. You should have already received emails from about all of the following notes.

  1. If you would like to be elected for the “innovation prize” and present at CVPR VPLOW 2020 Workshop, you may consider providing a method description (2-4 paragraphs, including link to paper/report) as well as your training code for verification. Note this prize may or may not have to be the top 4 teams. We will evaluate the “innovativeness” of your solution and respond by June 14th if you are elected. Please DM me, Shihao Shen, on Slack in a following format:

    • Name:
    • Affiliation:
    • Method Description (2-4 paragraphs):
    • Additional links/materials:
    • Your training code in a zip file.
  2. Some of you might already received an email from about scheduling a meeting for Stage 2. Please do so using the link ASAP. The earlier you meet with us the sooner you will secure your prize. Those who have not received should not be discouraged at all. We have not finalized the list for Stage 2 yet so you will always have a chance till EOD June 14. As said above, we are always looking for innovative solution(s) on CLEAR datasets so even though you did not end up in Stage 2, you would still have an opportunity to get your solutions highlighted in the workshop by following 1.

  3. We would like to thank you for all your participation and we’d like to collect your feedback as well as a little of your background in a completely anonymous way. Please fill out the form ASAP in order to be honorably mentioned in the Workshop. You will also receive an email about this soon.

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