ImageCLEF 2020 DrawnUI - Test set realeased and submission open

Dear Participants,
We have released the test set and the submission is now open.
You can find the test set in Resources and more information on the submission process in the Submission instructions section of the challenge overview.
Dimitri Fichou

Hi Dimitri,

In the challenge page at the top left corner it says “Official round: 11 days left” but in the ImageCLEF website ( ) it says “11.05.2020: deadline for submitting the participants runs”. Why is there a difference between these two? Which one is the actual deadline for submissions? Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Hi Konstantina,
Thanks for catching it.
In addition, the CLEF organizers decided to extend the submission deadline to the 5th June so each lab can accommodate with the covid-19 situation.
I change the round end and the imageCLEF website will also be updated soon.

Thanks a lot! I wish everyone is safe.