I have given the agent a sequence of move action, but it never appear on the map

Here I gave this agent a sequence of actions, but it never appear on the map. And during this period, its initial position is free(no other agent in it).

I think even the actions are wrong, at least, it should appear on the map…
I don’t know why…

By the way, I set all speeds 1.0 and didn’t induct malfunction.

Hello @sa7show!

It is entirely possible that the train is in a WAITING state (i.e. the train isn’t allowed to move until the earliest_departure time upon which the state changes to READY_TO_DEPART and then appears on the map upon giving a valid action then.
Any actions given during the WAITING state are ignored.

Thanks for you answering.

But I have checked the states of agents and found that when I give it move action its state is READY_TO_DEPART.

Here is picture showing an example of the problem I meet.

I print the triple of [position, state, action] of every agent at every step.
From the purple frame, we know that the initial_position of agent[4] is [21,8].
The red frame is the triples of agent[4].
The blue frame shows the first time I give it a MOVE_FORWARD(2) action and at this step its state is READY_TO_DEPART(1).
And the yellow frame shows that there is no other agent conflict with agent[4] since its initial_position is [21,8].

It is so strange that after I give it a move action, it didn’t depart but remained the state of READY_TO_DEPART(1).
After the blue frame, you can see that I give it more subsequent move actions, but it still didn’t depart but remained the state of READY_TO_DEPART(1).

This strange phenomenon does not happen every time, and I really can’t find the reason…

I am not sure whether you can receive the notice of reply.
So I want to @you here Mr. @nimishsantosh

It seems that the probelem comes from flatland.

After I update the version of flatland from 3.0.2 to 3.0.5, this strange phenomenon didn’t happen during many times of testing.

Anyway, thank you.

Thanks for sharing this information. It could be an error on our end so i’ll look into this asap. Have you been able to replicate this issue (with a particular random seed perhaps).
If you could share scripts to replicate this issue, it might speed up the debug process.

Sorry, I didn’t pay attention to this part.
So, maybe I can’t help with your debug process.

No worries, we’ll look into this issue asap. Thanks for pointing it out!