I don't know how to submit

Hi, I don’t know how to submit.
I read a “Submission Instructions” but I failed to submit.
I don’t know what’s wrong.
Is there a more clear submission procedure?

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You need to create a repository on Gitlab at https://gitlab.aicrowd.com/ by forking the food challenge starter kit. New tag in your repository starting with “submission-” prefix counts toward submission.

Please go through the complete README present in this starter kit repository, especially the “submitting” section to check more. Let us know if you still face issue with submission flow.

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Also, we will be providing an example in the next 24 hours that smoothens your submission process. This example contains a baseline model and the structure of the repository for successful submission.

@nikhil_rayaprolu are you part of the organising team? Or are you participating?

I am part of the organising team,
here is the initial version of the baseline submission, please go through README on changes required for submission, and raise your further queries here.