How to upload files from google drive (tar.gz)

the submission file is too big (4.5) GB its not possible for people like having limited internet, so is there any chance to upload the file from google drive directly, I save my prediction into my drive
and if it possible I also recommend changing the way we upload submission in this competition like instead of the image submission we can upload CSV file having image name and correct order of image
numbers in form of a list like
Image preds
“image_0.png” [10,2,3,15, …]

thanks for any help

hey there anyone has an answer for this

Hi @pyanishjain,

We don’t support upload by external URL as of now.

But this seems to be a valid use case. We will be working towards it, and hoping to have something before next Blitz!

thank you sir to look into it , sir is there any to chance to change the format for this jigsaw compe
which i suggest

Hi priyansh. It will not be possible to change the format of the jigsaw competition in this iteration.

We will have a few different iterations of the same problem in the future and then we would be very happy to consider your suggestions.


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