How to submit in CVPR 2022 CLEAR Challenge?

I have run and got the model parameters, but I didn’t see the detailed process of how to submit to the website in the description.

It is explained here in the README of your starter kit.

Also I would recommend joining the slack channel or the discord server for more prompt Q&A. The invite links are at the bottom of the challenge page.

After submission, will the organizer run the and local_
I want to know how long it will take from submission to result announcement.

In addition, I don’t know whether I have submitted successfully. I suggest that I can get successful feedback on the web after submitting

Again, I strongly recommend joining the discord or the slack channel for better communication.

To answer your question, we will not run either your nor the The purposes of both files are well explained in README, which is to give you the “starter code” to start training and the “local evaluation” to evaluate your models locally. Please re-read what to provide for evaluation to understand what you will provide and how we will evaluate your code. Also, go through the code in, especially how it imports and uses the “load_models” and “data_transform” functions from

Re-read Geniussh / clear-starter-kit · GitLab and follow it to submit your code and models. I didn’t see you created any submission repo on gitlab yet, so I assume you haven’t tried the submission script at all yet.