How to make submissions?

I simply forked the Benchamrk starter kit repository and then made some changes in the file, committed the changes, and pushed it on my GitLab repo, just to verify how the submissions work.
However, I don’t see any submissions on my account. Anyone, please let me know what am I missing here.

@ayush0x00 : To make your first submission, please follow the instructions in the starter kit here: docs/ · master · AIcrowd / Challenges / Meta Comprehensive RAG Benchmark - KDD Cup 2024 / Meta Comphrehensive RAG Benchmark starter kit · GitLab

Best of luck

I tried the exact same thing but still my submission was not showing up.

@ayush0x00 : we have responded here: AIcrowd Submission Received #254492 - test (#1) · Issues · ayush0x00 / Meta Comphrehensive RAG Benchmark · GitLab