How to know my submission was successful and what is the right way to make a successful submission?

Dear, hosters!
Thank you for the great competition.
I have two questions.
Is there any method to know whether my submission is successful or not, and what is the correct method to make a successful submission?
I have submitted a dummy model which returns an empty image without any touch. But, I cannot see whether the submission is successful or not. I am asking you this because there are some mis-guide or misspellings.

  1. According to “How to write your own model?”, you recommend to create a directory named ‘agents.’
    However, you say that we have to edit in a directory of ‘agent.’
  2. According to “How to write your own model?”, agent/ will be used for the evaluations. But according to “Submission Entrypoint”, models/ is used for the evaluations.
  3. According to “How to write your own model?”, the function generate_responses is called for the evaluations. However according to ‘models/’, generate_design was implemented. There is no generate_responses function.

Because of these, I am confused about the right method for the evaluations.
Can you make it more clear?

Thank you,
Seongcheol Kim

Hi @kcy4 ,

Unfortunately your submission failed, you can see the logs here

Apologies for the confusion in the documentation, will fix them in the starter kit. You should change the model name in models/ and the function name should be generate_design, please ignore any other conflicting names in the starter kit.

Dear @dipam,
Thank you for your answer.
I checked the logs and understood your clear guide.