How to install external libraries?

I want to use skimage in my code, how to install it? I added scikit-image to the requiremts.txt but it doesn’t seem to work.

If you want to run your submissions in a customized environment, first head to aicrowd.json and set docker_build to true . This flag tells that you need a custom environment.

You can read more about it here:

Thanks for the info regarding setting up custom environment.

I tried to make submission #74986 with docker_build set to true, didn’t make any changes to the provided dockerfile and only added scikit-image. The submission failed immediately and no error is mentioned. Did I need to make any changes to the dockerfile or was it something else?

Hello @dipam_chakraborty

I believe this is about submission #75240 and not #74986. We are still facing few network issues on our end and the evaluation didn’t start. However, we are re-queueing such failed submissions on our end and working on fixing the root cause of this.

Sorry for the inconvinience.

Merged the starter kit changes and submitted #75275, but its still failing on build image stage. Is this one also due to network issues or with the environment setup. I’ve just added scikit-image to requirements.txt, the rest of the environment related files are same as current starter kit repo.

Hello @dipam_chakraborty

I don’t think this was a network issue. The submission would fail before the start or would get marked failed after passing all the stages are the only possibilities we have with the network bug. I’m posting the relevant logs on the issue page.