How to claim Round 1 Prize?

Now that Round 1 qualified participants have been announced, how do we claim the 1100 GCP credits prize?
I haven’t received any information regarding that. It’d be nice to have it in order to use the credits for Round 2.

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We have exactly the same question.

@sova876 @alex_gomez : If you have qualified for Round-2 then someone from the Unity team should have already reached out to you regarding the prizes.
Looping in @arthurj to check in about this with him.

@mohanty I also didn’t receive GCP credits.

Please direct all questions about the GCP credits and the prizes and eligibility for Round-2 to (you can have me in cc with ), and it might be faster to get an official response from the Unity team. We will then post a summary of those conversations on this thread for the reference of others.


I’ve already sent a letter with this question 5 days ago to mail Repeated it a few moments ago.

Thanks @sova876 : Acknowledging your email, and sorry for not responding earlier.
I will follow up with the Unity team on this.

Thanks for the follow up. I’m glad we weren’t the only ones with this question.

Just got email with prize details

I have received the credits as well. Thanks

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