How to access NLE pydocs?

I installed NLE and the challenge starter kit, but I’m having difficulty seeing which members are available to look at in the NLE gym environment. I’m attempting to view the docs via:

pydoc -b

When I run that, I see all of my regular Python docs and NLE shows up as a module, but the NLE pages all have errors:

But oddly, libtorchbeast docs show up just fine:

Any idea why the NLE docs aren’t working, and how I can access member information for the NLE objects?

Hey clint_herron,

That’s a good question. I don’t know why the (pybind11-generated) Python modules show up in the one case and not in the other.

In terms of looking up which Python classes/methods/functions/constats NLE exports, I’d recommend the pybind11 code itself, at