How much time generally took to EUA APPROVAL

I have submitted the EUA. Still, it is showing pending for approval. I want the dataset to download to train the model. So want to know when I can expect it will be approved.


We generally approve within a day if the EUA is filled correctly.

Hi, I wonder how to fill the EUA correctly. Where is the EUA document website link?

Hi @guocan_shang,

You will get the form when clicking “Resources” on the challenge page along with all the instructions.

I also encountered this situation, could I ask how you solved it? Thanks

Hello, will it be approved on weekends? Thanks

Hello, you need to sign your EUA and re-upload it.

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Thank you so much. Should I sign my EUA in English or in my own language?

Both if possible. Also I couldn’t read your email address correctly from the EUA (I wanted to write you to tell you to sign it)

Thank you so much for your reply. My email address is “”. Besides, do I still need to modify the email address in my EUA?

No, it’s fine if you just signed it.

All right, i will sign it and re-upload it. Thank you so much.