How many columns should be annotated per input file?

I am looking at the task description at where it says “Each column should be annotated by one class”.

However the output as I understand is suppose to be one line per row like this:
This seems a bit confusing to me.

So my question is, how many columns we should annotate in a row? For example in 21362676_0_6854186738074119688.csv:

Fans’ Rank, Title, Year, Director(s), Overall, Rank
442, The Game, 1997, David Fincher,1491

For this row , are you expecting we annotate both column Title and Director(s)? In that case:

Or are expecting just one annotation for the Title column? In that case:

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Hi, Rakeb

In the first round, we by default hope the participant to annotate all the potential columns that are composed of entity mentions. In your example, both “21362676_0_6854186738074119688”,“1” and “21362676_0_6854186738074119688”,“3” should be annotated.

However, in the second round, we will specify the target columns to annotate.

Hope my response is helpful to you.