How exactly is the number of submissions counted ten times a week?

The rule says that " Submission Limit: The submission limit for Phase 2 is 10 per week.", but when we enter Phase2 we only have 2 submission opportunities. The number of submissions is updated every few days with new opportunities. I want to know how exactly is the number of submissions limited ten times a week? I also see many teams in the leaderboard submit more than 20. Is it a bug?

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@Yrr : The submission limits are checked against the number of submissions that are made in the last 7 days (moving window) from the time of the submission.

@aicrowd_team So why I see in the leaderboard some teams can submit over 60 times in Phase2 while Phase 2 was only released for two weeks.

I think they didn’t configure it correctly. It looks like for teams, each member can submit 10 times, at least that’s the only way I can see that team with 70+ submissions getting that to work.

After my testing, if the error is reported in the build environment, the submission time will not be deducted, but it will be recorded.

But some teams in the leaderboard have more than 10 successful submissions in a week, and their failed submissions are also far more than 5 limited by the rules :smiling_face_with_tear: