Homogenous inactive actions/observations?

I notice that schema.json allows us to define “inactive” actions and observations on a per-building basis. All five of the provided buildings are fully active – they have no inactive actions nor observations – but can we assume that also holds for the whole 17-building scenario too?

Hi @matteo_santamaria and thanks for the question. Yes, in schema.json, you may set observations to be active/inactive on a per-building basis during your local evaluation. This will allow you assess the sensitivity of your policy to certain observations. Likewise, you may disable control of the battery in any building by setting the electrical_storage action to be inactive however, since the buildings are only equipped with batteries and no other storage devices, disabling the electrical_storage action will mean the agent has nothing to control in such building.

For the 5 buildings provided, there observations and actions remain the same in the 17-building scenario. For the remaining 12 buildings, the assumption that electrical_storage action is active is true however, the assumption that all observations are active is not true.

Hope this clarifies things?