Help with .zip file Python packages installation


Could you please have a look at the traceback of my submission #117824 ?

The claims.csv and prices.csv files were successfully created on my computer after having run the provided test.bat file, no error occurred.

But when I submit my .zip file, the submission fails at stage “Build Packages And Env” and I can’t figure out what’s going wrong in the packages installation process.

I listed the packages required for my model in the requirements.txt file, and added an apt.txt requirements file too.

Thanks in advance for your help !


Hi @gciam

I’ll admit, this one had me scratching my head for a while :slight_smile:

But we have an answer :rocket:

There were a few issues with your requirements.txt file and your apt.txt file:

  1. There seems to have been a versioning clash between your requested pandas and numpy versions. This was something I’d never seen in this form before. But if you just remove the version requirements from those two it fixes the issue. As in just have a line that says pandas inside the requirements rather than having pandas==XXXX. Same for numpy. If you need those specific versions please let me know and I will dig further.
  2. Inside the requirements.txt file there was listed sklearn==0.0 which is not a real package. I don’t know why the error doesn’t simply tell you this :thinking: but you should delete that line
  3. There is a line break missing right before your last package (lightgbm). Every line should only have one package here. The last line for your file has two listed.
  4. Your APT file should be called apt.txt and yours is apt.txt.txt.
  5. inside your apt.txt (after the fix), you have an apt command listed, while you should only have libgomp1 which is the object that we run apt install <package name> on. In short, this file should only contain one word libgomp1.
  6. Lastly, once you fix these issues you will see you have an error relating to not having installed the seaborn package. So if you need that I would add it to your requirements.txt

After I make all the changes above (and also setting your prices to zero!) I can make a successful submission using your model.

Hi @alfarzan,

Many thanks for those explanations ! My bad, I thought that my requirements.txt and apt.txt files were good.

I am now able to submit models through .zip submission.

I am reassured regarding the RMSE I just got a few minutes ago. This .zip file model was supposed to be my best until now, and I did not understand why my RMSE was so high in the submission you linked above.

Seems to work like a charm now, thanks again. :grinning:


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