Help..submission failed --- "Unknown grader_id"

I submited mine following the offical instructions, but got the following result:

## AIcrowd Submission Failed
Submission failed : Invalid aicrowd.json : Unknown grader_id : 'evaluations-api-neurips-2020-procgen'.Please contact the organisers/admins for a valid grader_id for the challenge you are participating in.

This is my aicrowd.json:

    "challenge_id" : "evaluations-api-neurips-2020-procgen",
    "grader_id": "evaluations-api-neurips-2020-procgen",
    "authors" : ["dynmi <>"],
    "description": "NeurIPS 2020: Procgen Competition Agent",
    "docker_build": false,
    "debug" : false

Did I do sth wrong? THX~

Hello @dynmi

Nothing is wrong with your submission. The warm-up round is closed for new submissions and hence the error. We will send out an email to the participants when the next round starts, and you should be able to submit then.