to deal with Submission failed : iiid?

here is my steps:

  1. download the zip file from
  2. change the “authors” in aicrowd.json
    3.keep other files untouched, and git add *, add tag, and push

and then, in the issue, it said “Submission failed : iiid”

Did I do sth wrong? THX~

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I have the same issue, identical submission from a few days ago that previously succeeded now yields the above message.

Hello @breezeyuner, @laxatives

Thanks for reporting this. This was a bug on our end. We are restarting the evaluations for the effected submissions.

i got similar problem, pushed unmodified (apart from authors) starter kit, got “Evaluation failed, Something went wrong” (submission 68519)

Hello @alexander_ermolov

Few submissions have failed yesterday due to a bug. We queued the effected submissions for re-evaluation.